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The AFRO cryptocurrency.
Characteristics of AFRO:


– AFRO is a 100% Proof of Stake (POS) currency, taking into an account the latest technology evolution in the area of blockchain and in order to respect and take care of the environment and to consume minimum amount of energy for the network to function.

– AFRO blockchain is based on Dash technology, created in 2014, and also based on the open code of bitcoin. Our team of developers adapted this blockchain in accordance with AFRO specifications. Dash is also known for being the first cryptocurrency to introduce the concept of masternodes, that permits anyone to participate in the life of network.

– Blockchain of AFRO makes the use of cryptocurrency fast, simple, and safe. This technology in particular authorizes payments at the actual points of sale (shops…), allowing instant transactions and support of millions simultaneous transactions.

– AFRO is a totally transparent cryptocurrency, as each transaction from wallet to wallet is recorded forever in the blockchain and is visible for everyone.

– An amount of 750 billion AFRO has been issued on June 19th, 2018, which is in correlation with GDP of the continent, and a symbolical equivalent of 600 AFRO per African inhabitant.

– In order to prevent inflation and to protect initial investments, 0.59% of the emitted supply will be added to the circulating amount of coins every year, which makes approximately 4,4 billion Afros.

– System of rewards (block reward split): 75% mastenodes/25% staking – InstantX function – 72 seconds block interval – 10,000 reward/block.

– Every 72 seconds, on average, 10,000 AFRO are generated by the network, 2500 are kept by the staker, and 7500 are paid out to Masternodes, a total amount of approximately 438,000 blocks generated per year.


Staking and Masternodes AFRO.

– In order to possess AFRO, as with any other cryptocurrency, it is required to download a personal wallet here.

– AfroTech team is available to assist the operators with setting up the Masternodes and/or to provide hosting and management services, and to create and manage your wallet and/or your Masternode on your behalf.

– Staking: Upon the decision of AFRO Coin holder, Afros deposited on a wallet can bring interest up to 50% annually.

– A Masternode is a full AFRO network node, keeping a copy of the blockchain (permanent Internet connection and fixed IP address is mandatory).

– To acquire and run Masternode minimum amount of 20 million AFRO is required in a wallet.

– Running an MN requires locking up a certain amount of Afros (20 million coins) in a wallet. Each Masternode participates in a life and security of network and provides services, such as instant transactions. In return for the services rendered each Masternode receives interest (block rewards) that can reach 99% per year, paid in Afros.

– Each Masternode Operator can participate in the governance of Foundation by voting, and/or expressing his opinion.

African Countries
billion Afros issued, a symbolical equivalent of 600 Afros per African inhabitant.
Proof of Stake (POS), consumes very little energy, environment friendly.
million Afros required to become a Masternode Operator
Download the wallet

Download AFRO wallet and start receiving interest.

Own a Masternode

Participate in the life and security of the network and receive up to 99% interest per year in AFRO.

Right to vote

Become a decision maker of the NGO.

Safeguard your earnings

Use our paper wallet, not linked to internet, to protect your Afros.

Participate in the development of Africa

Play your role in the development of the continent.

Mobile to Mobile payments

With our upcoming Mobile App you will be able to pay mobile to mobile.