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Afro Foundation

Who are we?
Afro Foundation is a NGO based in Geneva that is leading the AFRO coin project.
The Foundation is leading the AFRO Coin project. Decision-making rights are exercised at Assembly meetings, which is ruled and protected by the the Swiss Foundations governance laws.

AFRO Foundation
Our manifesto
AFRO Foundation is being founded to ensure the societal development and responsible improvement of daily well-being of the African continent and in particular:
– by distributing water purification mechanisms to make them fit for consumption,
– by setting up traceability methods to identify counterfeit medication,
– through education in the techniques, sciences, trades and know-how allowing the on-site transformation of the natural wealth of the African continent,
– through training in science and information technology,
– by promoting African Arts in all media and its derivatives,
– by promoting by all means the growth of the local industry,
– by promoting the preservation of primary forests and flora through the affestation and reforestation,
– More generally by promoting the integration of the continent, the optimization of the Human Development Index (HDI) of all the countries of the African continent.

Governance of the AFRO Foundation:

The spokespersons of Afro Foundation, whose mission is to establish and contribute to the development of a simple,  transparent, equitable and democratic pan-African governance, will offer the resignation by December, 2020. From that point governance of the Foundation will be executed by a council, composed of the representatives from 54 African countries.