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The first Pan-African currency ever
AFRO is a cryptocurrency, dedicated to further development and growth of the African continent. 
Currency for economic and societal growth of Africa.

AFRO was created in December 2016 by a group of economists, cryptocurrency experts, humanists and thinkers, who are standing at the origin of AFRO Foundation and continue developing the project.

AFRO is a non-political and neutral tool, created for and available to all the countries of the continent, and worldwide to anyone willing to use this cryptocurrency.

AFRO was designed in order to address multiple problems of the continent. Approximately 83% of Africans do not have bank account, therefore they are excluded from the banking system. Access to loans is weak and the continent is lacking banking infrastructure. Moreover, considering Africa has more than 40 different currencies per 54 countries, it makes currency exchange quite complicated and difficult.

With more than a billion SIM cards in circulation and more than 650 million of African subscribers to a mobile operator, Africa now is ready to benefit from services provided through smart phones. Payment through mobile and use of cryptocurrencies is a real breakthrough and historical opportunity.

The entire currency amount that was issued on June 19th, 2018 is 750 billion AFRO. It is symbolical that it makes 600 AFRO per each citizen of the continent and it is in correlation with GDP of the continent.

Meet the
AFRO Foundation
No Tokens, a real Coin.
You buy real coins
AFRO is a 100% “Proof of Stake” (POS) currency based on Dash

There has been no and will be no ICO for AFRO.

In August 2018, decision was taken to list AFRO at the price considered low in order to protect the interests of investors and for long term benefits of AFRO.

No states, no commercial banks, no interference

AFRO has been designed to reflect African economic annual growth and to avoid hyper inflation or governmental manipulation issues. A safe currency with a stable currency rate defended by the Foundation’s reserve.

AFRO is a non-political and neutral tool at the service of Africa.

Thanks to blockchain technology and a progress in mobile payments, Africa is ready to adopt a simple and global currency.

AFRO Foundation (NGO)

The mission of the AFRO Foundation is to set up a simple, shared, transparent, fair and democratic Pan-African governance.
Our strategy and timeline
December 2016
The first meeting of founders and leading figures from Africa was conducted and the decision was made to create a blockchain-based pan-African currency.

The Founders of the AFRO Foundation decided to recruit a trusted team in order to represent them and conduct the project.
A year of creation of 100% ecological blockchain, Proof of Stake (POS) based on "Dash" technology.
March 2018
The Manifesto and Memorandum of the AFRO Foundation was signed.
May 2018
Windows Wallet and Masternodes are fully developed.
June 2018
19 June, 2018 emission of 750 billion AFRO.

20 June, 2018 beginning of a private sale.

27 June, 2018 launching of the AFRO Website.
August 2018
Exchange listing on Stocks.exchange (now Stex.com), Crex24.
September 2018
Release of Mac wallet.
Release of paper wallet.
October 2018
October 1st, 2018 beginning of AFRO Masternode rewards.

Listing on MasterNodes.online and MasterNodes.pro

Development of the system of prepaid vouchers to top up AFRO wallet and mobile roaming SIM cards.
Release of Android wallet.
Development of AFRO distribution network serving local economy (pharmacies, mobile services).
Negotiations regarding official recognition of AFRO as an alternative global currency.
Spokespersons petition to dismiss executive functions.

Vote of the General Assembly for new pan-African governance representing each country of Africa.

Secured universal voting system in the masternodes to be presented.

Release of IOS wallet.