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AFRO Foundation

Who are we?
AFRO Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO), based in Geneva, Switzerland, a country, which neutrality and banking traditions are recognized worldwide, has been chosen to become a home of the AFRO Foundation. 
According to Swiss Law , a Foundation cannot make any profit and shall serve a specific purpose for which it was created: to contribute to the economic and societal development of Africa.

AFRO Foundation
Our manifesto
AFRO Foundation is being founded to ensure the societal development and responsible improvement of daily well-being of the African continent and in particular:
– by distributing water purification mechanisms to make them fit for consumption,
– by setting up traceability methods to identify counterfeit medication,
– through education in the techniques, sciences, trades and know-how allowing the on-site transformation of the natural wealth of the African continent,
– through training in science and information technology,
– by promoting African Arts in all media and its derivatives,
– by promoting by all means the growth of the local industry,
– by promoting the preservation of primary forests and flora through the affestation and reforestation,
– More generally by promoting the integration of the continent, the optimization of the Human Development Index (HDI) of all the countries of the African continent.

Governance of the AFRO Foundation:

The spokespersons of Afro Foundation, whose mission is to establish and contribute to the development of a simple,  transparent, equitable and democratic pan-African governance, will offer the resignation by December, 2022. From that point governance of the Foundation will be executed by a council, composed of the representatives from 54 African countries.

AFRO Foundation
AFRO used with drinkable water machines


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