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The first Pan-African currency ever
A secured blockchain based cryptocurrency, created to promote African business with no inflation and designed for the needs and growth of Africa.
The AFRO Foundation is a non-governmental organization, founded under Swiss law and based in Geneva, Switzerland, home of the first ever Pan-African currency
Currency for African economic growth

AFRO Foundation relocates the wealth of Africa into the first and unique Pan-African currency ever, that will be available worldwide.

AFRO Foundation is a non-governmental organization, founded under Swiss law and based in Geneva, Switzerland, home of the first Pan-African currency ever: AFRO.

The AFRO Foundation has representatives in 10 countries on the continent, covering the diversity of Africa. The Foundation will be represented in 54 countries on the continent in the near future.

84.56% of the coin supply is allocated in the NGO reserve fund in order to defend the currency. The reserve is locked in the accounts of our Swiss Bank, which has 200 years of experience and is protected by 1000 years of Swiss legal tradition in assets management.

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AFRO is a currency based on Dash

The wealth of Africa in the first Pan-African Currency ever

The entire currency amount that was issued on June 19th, 2018 is 750 billion AFRO. It is symbolical that it makes 600 AFROS per each citizen of the African continent and it is in correlation with GDP of the continent.

No states, no commercial banks, no interference

AFRO has been designed to reflect African economic annual growth and to avoid hyper inflation or governmental manipulation issues. A safe currency with a stable currency rate defended by the Foundation’s reserve.

55 African Countries
3 Masternodes per country

165 Masternodes or 3 Masternodes per African country will be sold during the private sale, for total amount of 3,300,000,000 AFROS. AFRO Masternodes offer 99% return on investment, starting from 20,000,000 AFROS

NGO AFRO Foundation

Each Masternode has a right to vote at the general meetings of the AFRO Foundation (NGO).
Our strategy and timeline
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Stake and earn

Stake from the first coins after 24 hours.

Protect your wealth

The Foundation protects your assets, wallets and Masternodes.

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Pay and transfer in AFRO

Transfer wallet to wallet, mobile to mobile, Simcard to Simcard

Invest in a Masternode.

Earn 99% ROI from a Masternode of 20.000.000 AFROS

Participate and vote

Masternode owners are participating in the governance of the Foundation

Tradable on major exchanges starting from July 2018. Stake and get constant rewards. Each Masternode receives daily reward of approximately 55.000 AFROS. Receive 99% ROI after one year.